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Star-Studded Cast of Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Won’t Be in the Game

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Star-Studded Cast of Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Won’t Be in the Game

No Sean Bean for Final Fantasy XV unfortunately.

Square Enix finally pulled back the curtain on Final Fantasy XV with their Uncovered event on March 30. There the announced the final release date for the game, and showed off various new trailers. Among the announcements was also a reveal that Final Fantasy XV would be getting an original five-episode anime, as well as a full-length CG movie. 

The movie, titled Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, will release sometime in 2016 and is being directed by the director of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It follows the story of King Regis, the father of Final Fantasy XV’s main character Noctis. The film has secretly been in production for nearly three years, and features a strong cast of prominent actors. Sean Bean and Lena Headey from Game of Thrones will be playing Lunafreya and King Regis respectively, while Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul will be playing the role of a new character named Nyx.

Square Enix announced today on Twitter that these actors would not be reprising their roles for the actual game. Lunafreya will feature prominently in Final Fantasy XV, although it’s still unclear how much of a role King Regis and Nyx will play in the game. You can see the official tweet below.

Final Fantasy XV launches on September 30 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you missed any of the announcements or videos from last night’s Uncovered event you can see them here.

What do you think about Kingsglaive’s actors not reprising their role in the game? Do you think having two different voices could hurt the experience? Let us know in the comments.


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