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XCOM 2: How to Make More Contacts


XCOM 2: How to Make More Contacts

Contacts – XCOM 2

XCOM 2 will have you Commandeering an army of humans against the alien threat on Earth. When you go to the bridge on your base, you’re able to see the world map through the bridge. This is the main source of missions, objectives, and the Black Market. You can see the different Resistance groups that you can make contact with all around the world. Doing this opens up your area of command and allows for even more resources to be added onto your income. More importantly, it’s how you’ll reach certain missions that are initially locked until you make contact with a nearby Resistance group.

To start with you’ll only be able to make three contacts. Since in the beginning missions will be near your HQ, you’re likely going to use these in the surrounding area. But what about when there are missions that are locked far away? The Avatar Project is booming away constantly, so you’re going to want to move fast to make contact. This is where the Resistance Comms Facility comes in.

It’s highly recommended that once you can build this facility, you do. Excavate your base (which you should constantly be doing anyway) and get some engineers working on it pronto. It will increase the amount of contacts you can have. Upgrading the Resistance Comms facility will grant you even more contacts and when you station an Engineer on it, you’ll also get a boost to how many contacts you can have.

Also be sure to keep an eye out for the randomized mission with the reward that decreases the cost of making contact. It will cost you Intel every time (check out our guide for earning Intel over here), so keep that in mind. This mission reward makes it cost less, which can be pretty crucial for your army.

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