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There’s a Blood Dragon Easter Egg in Far Cry Primal


There’s a Blood Dragon Easter Egg in Far Cry Primal

The past and future collide.

Far Cry Primal takes players back to 10,000 BCE. A time well before what fans of the series have grown accustomed too. It’s reasonable to not expect anything from other entries to rear its head in this land before time. But, it turns out that one of the most dangerous adversaries from the entire series has been on the planet for an extremely long time.

blood dragon

Head over to the north-east section of the map and follow the stream to it’s point of origin. You will have to do a bit of climbing since it breaks into several waterfalls as you get closer to it’s beginning. As you get closer you’ll notice a “?” on your map, which denotes an undiscovered location. This is actually a cave that houses one of Far Cry Primal’s biggest secrets.

Enter the dark cave and follow it’s short winding path until you come across a whole in the wall. Peek in and feast your eyes upon the monstrous remains of a Blood Dragon guarding an entire nest of eggs.

blood dragon

The Blood Dragon was the most terrifying beast in the series spin-off Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. These overgrown lizards fired powerful lasers from their mouths and were nearly impossible to kill. Utilizing them to take out enemy encampments helped Sergeant Rex “Power” Colt survive the harsh environs of a mysterious island.

It’s frightening to see that these beasts have been here for so long. Who knows what role they had to play in shaping the future world. All we can say for certain is that this is one truly neat Easter egg.

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