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Don’t Let Your Ears Miss the 20 Best Game Soundtracks of 2016


Don’t Let Your Ears Miss the 20 Best Game Soundtracks of 2016

Turn up at the loudest volume.

Let’s get one thing straight here: of all the game soundtracks this year, there were none that as awesome as DOOM’s. The death metal thing works in every tune, and it’s the perfect set of songs to listen to while you’re working out, cleaning the house, or just sitting around. You may even be so full of energy listening that you’ll go out and decide to start punching demons! *Don’t do that, they’re not real.

Technically not a game soundtracks in the strictest sense, but it may as well be at this point. Riot always gets some great artist for their yearly Worlds competition, and this year, they grabbed EDM’s golden boy Zedd. Even though the two versions of Ignite are basically the same, it’s the Finals Remix that’s the best to listen to for how pumped it gets you. Game of Thrones and Westworld have proven that getting Ramin Djawadi to do your music is the smart choice, and The Coalition was right to pick him. The adventurous themes of the original three games are replaced with music that belongs more in a freaky horror film to reflect the new tone, and it certainly works in all the right ways.

The product itself is certainly divisive, but it can’t be denied how awesome the game soundtrack is. It perfectly straddles the line between bleak existentialism and hopeful discovery as you make your way across the cosmos, and it’s the kind of soundtrack where it feels much better to listen to it without the shuffle on. Listen here!

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