Far Cry Primal: Best Badger Location

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Best Badger Location in Far Cry Primal

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Whether you’re hoping to tame the elusive badger, or just want to kill and skin one, they can be notoriously tricky to locate in Far Cry Primal. Knowing where to hunt is just as important as actually being able to pull off the capture successfully. Fortunately, there are a few badger hot spots located around Oros where they are known to roam.

Badger stomping grounds are dotted across the map (zoom in closer to see these locations, but note that you will not be able to see them on your map at night), but the best places to hunt tend to be in the south. In particular, the southwest area past where you tame the Bloodfang Sabretooth is useful, due to having a lot of areas where you can take cover, place the bait and hide away, luring the badger out into the open. It’s best not to have your beast around with you when you are hunting for badgers (they don’t get along well with other animals), and if you’re not getting any bites, try moving to a different location around the outskirts of where you’re currently hunting.

Should you have no luck in the south, the snowy northern area is also an option, and has the added benefit of short travel time from the waypoint to the hunting ground. Those who are really feeling game can try the southeast area with the dense cave bear population, but the dangers can outweigh the benefits as you’re constantly on your toes – particularly once nighttime approaches.

In any event, you will be able to hear the badger’s distinct cries before seeing it, and it will scurry towards the food quickly. Once you’ve angered one, it’ll rush at you, making them hard to hit with ranged weapons. Pull out your club and bash in its head to make the fight go more smoothly.

If you are looking to kill badgers rather than tame them, the Help Wenja: Beast Kill quest that specifically targets badgers will prove incredibly lucrative. After speaking with the quest giver, head to the marked location nearby on Mamaf Island, and take out the badgers infesting the farm to gain experience and animal skins.

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