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Mass Effect Andromeda’s Lead Writer Leaves Bioware and Joins Bungie

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Mass Effect Andromeda’s Lead Writer Leaves Bioware and Joins Bungie

He promises Andromeda will “blow people away.”

It looks like Bioware has another writer departing from the studio. Chris Schlerf the lead writer on Mass Effect Andromeda,  has announced his departure over a series of tweets. Schlerf joined Bioware just under five months ago to work on Andromeda, but now he’ll be moving on to work with the team at Bungie. He’s previously worked in the Seattle area at 343 Industries on Halo 4.

On Twitter Schlerf talked about the experience of working on Andromeda saying that it was, “one of the best experiences of my career” and that the game will “blow people away.” You can see everything that Schlerf wanted to say in the series of tweets below.

Last month another writer from Bioware, David Gaider who worked on the Dragon Age series, also announced his departure from the studio. Gaider recently joined Beamdog, the development team responsible for updated versions of the Baldur’s Gate games.

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to release sometime during holiday 2016. The game will supposedly be separate from the original story, with its own characters and story. What do you think Chris Schlerf’s departure from the company means for Andromeda?


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