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Far Cry Primal: How to Tame and Not Have the Animal Run Away


Far Cry Primal: How to Tame and Not Have the Animal Run Away

Command the wild.

One of Far Cry Primal’s biggest draws is the ability to tame animals and have them fight alongside Takkar. There are over a dozen of these creatures that you can coerce into come to your side and doing your bidding. In order to do so, you’re going to need to approach gently.

There are a few quick steps you’ll want to follow in order to always make sure that you tame them quickly and easily. They are prone to fleeing, even if that means turning down a free meal. And the more powerful ones will end your life right where you stand if you don’t do it right. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure to throw your bait a good distance from you. It is possible to throw it mid-battle against the animal you want, but the beat will ignore it if it’s mid attack.
  2. Once you throw the bait (can be crafted with 2 meats, recipe is obtained through the story), make sure that you crouch if you are not already doing so. Standing will immediately scare the animal away.
  3. An exclamation point will appear over a nearby beast’s head indicating that it is enticed by the bait you’ve thrown, but do not approach it yet.
  4. Once the beast starts eating a large paw icon will appear above its head. You can now slowly approach.
  5. Once in range, your prompt will appear (Square on PlayStation 4, “X” on Xbox One).
  6. Make sure to hold the button down until the taming is complete. If you let go for any reason it can startle the animal, prompting it to flee.

The main trick is to approach as slowly as possible. If you already have a tamed animal with you, they may cause a problem for you. Certain beasts will attack if they feel threatened, even if you don’t command them to do so, making your attempt to tame certain animals unnecessarily difficult. If you want to make sure your mission isn’t botched, just dismiss your companion beforehand.

Now you’ll be able to place the wild under your command in Far Cry Primal. Your enemy will know fear, Beast Master. If you need help with any other aspects of this game’s cruel world, be sure to check out our expanding wiki guide.

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