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Dying Light The Following: How to Get the Crossbow


Dying Light The Following: How to Get the Crossbow

Like a bow, only better.

How to Get a Crossbow in Dying Light The Following

Dying Light has new elements introduced in Dying Light The Following. Vehicles, new enemies, new mechanics, and some new weapons to take out your enemies. One of the most useful new additions is the Compound Crossbow. This weapon uses retrievable bolts so that you never run out of ammo. It has exceptional accuracy and does more damage than the standard Police Rifle, although it is a bit slower than any other ranged weapon available in The Following.

To unlock this goody for yourself, you’ll need to increase your Level of Trust rank. The people of the Countryside need to trust Kyle Crane, so you’ll need to help them in order to raise your ranking. You don’t need to do story missions to do so either. Just complete side quests and activities and you’ll earn points towards this rank. Keep doing so until you reach the third rank: Newcomer.

Once you’ve unlocked this rank, head back to Jasir’s farm. Head to his desk and you’ll see one of the Faceless standing beside him. Talk to this man and he’ll hand you your Compound Crossbow and some bolts. Now go out there and practice your headshots.

The Crossbow is perfect for stealth infiltration and taking down infected at range. Never forget to retrieve your bolts so you can continue the action.

That’s all there is to getting the crossbow in Dying Light The Following!

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