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Dying Light The Following: How to Beat Holler


Dying Light The Following: How to Beat Holler

That’s one big zombie.

How to Beat Holler in Dying Light The Following

Dying Light The Following introduces several new elements to the open-world, zombie-slaying mayhem. One of those elements are called Freaks, and one of the craziest is the Holler. These are super mutated infected that are much more powerful than anything else you could come across in the game. They take skill to defeat, and require some serious strategy. Also, you should never face these guys alone, that normally does not go well for any survivor trying to pull it off.

One of these Freaks is named Holler. He is an extra large Demolisher covered in armor, and he has one seriously large pool of health. You’ll encounter him in the yard of a quaint house on the opposite end of the huge field near Jasir’s Farm. You’ll know when you’re nearby because a red skull will appear on your mini-map.

Before stepping into his realm, you’ll need to prepare. Try to bring at least one friend. Not only will that person be able to dish out damage alongside you, but they can serve as a much-needed distraction as well. You’ll also want to bring plenty of DIY grenades, or any explosive really. Military Throwing Knives are very useful for the second part of the fight too. Don’t waste any of your firearm ammunition, and if you’re feeling confident in your dodge abilities, you can go in with melee attacks. Just make sure you have a lot of medkits in case things don’t go to plan.

Once you’re prepped, jump in and clear out all of the smaller infected first. There are quite a few Virals, and their running and screaming will be a huge nuisance, so take them out quickly. Once that’s done, get into position on the small roof in the area.

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition_20160210215940

Start chucking grenades at Holler and you’ll begin to chip away at its armor. You definitely want to get rid of the helmet Holler is wearing as it will open up more damage opportunities for you. Even after you’ve destroyed his helmet, continue with the grenades to take more of the armor off, leaving the brute open to damage from sharp objects and anything else you have.

After you’ve felt you’ve removed all of the armor and done enough damage, switch over to your throwing knives. We tried out many different weapons but none took out quite as big of a chunk of its health as those lovely knives. Not even guns were doing the job. So keep it to the throwable sharps and aim for the arms and head.

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition_20160210220535

Eventually, you’ll see Holler go down with a guttural roar and you can pick up your reward. For your efforts, you’ll get a chunk of XP and the Heavy Venom Mod that can be used on Two-Handed Hammers, Pickaxes, and Two-Handed Axes.

One thing to keep in mind is that the fight is glitched at times. If you notice that there is absolutely no damage being done, either let yourself die or reload the game. You can waste all of your ammunition and items without ever doing a single bit of damage when this happens, and nobody wants to go through that.

If you’re still finding the fight difficult, there is a way to cheese it if you have a partner (although you’ll still need the weapons mentioned before). Have one person stand in the house on the first floor. That person should look towards Holler then move all the way to the right corner. Holler will think that your partner is outside and focus solely on them. Leaving you to do as you please with no threat at all.

That’s all there is to beating the Holler in Dying Light The Following!

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