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Ant Simulator Could’ve Come to the PS4 Before It Got Canned


Ant Simulator Could’ve Come to the PS4 Before It Got Canned

This is NOT how you get ants.

When speaking with Game Informer about the claims of Ant Simulator’s cancellation being due to strippers and parties (they say that’s all a load), business partners Tyler Monce and Devon Staley revealed that the game had a shot at making it onto the PlayStation 4 at one point but, according to developer Eric Tereshinski, the two “torpedoed” that possibility. But those two have a completely different side of the story.

Monce says that he joined Eric at GDC last year, and the two visited Sony’s development booth to try and secure a development kit, which supposedly included a dedicated internet line and static IP address. With Eric working out of his house, the company spent over $1000 getting that set up. Once that was secure, all that was left was a playable demo of Ant Simulator, and that’s where it sounds like things went wrong.

According to Monce, all the infrastructure was in place, and it “looks fantastic”. The problem was that when playing the game, there was only about 3 or 4 minutes of gameplay before you ran out of stuff to do. Monce says that a PS4 version of the game was “a big part of where our financial resources went to…he was not able to deliver a playable demo”.

We’ll keep you updated as things progress, but right now, who do you believe? Let us know in the comments below.

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