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Watch NieR: Automata’s Director Flip Out Over Fan Reaction

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Watch NieR: Automata’s Director Flip Out Over Fan Reaction

Yoko Taro is one crazy dude.

When NieR: Automata was revealed at E3 2015, fans of the original NieR went a bit crazy from the unexpected news. As with many exciting announcements, there were soon plenty of YouTube videos from gamers across the world showing their live reaction to the game’s reveal. One of the most popular reaction videos to this title was from a German man named Robin, whose enthusiasm has now been seen by NieR’s director himself, Yoko Taro.

In a new video from Square Enix UK, Taro (complete with his Emil mask, as always) and Yosuke Saito (NieR Automata’s Producer) sit down to watch Robin’s video, and the former just goes a bit crazy. Whether he’s pumped over Robin’s excitement or having a bit of fun imitating him is uncertain, but either way it’s an incredibly entertaining sight to behold.

Nier automata director, Yoko Taro

Soon after Taro jumps onto Saito, they hear a knock at the door and who should appear but Robin himself. It’s really great to see game directors actively watching and listening to the fans, and even inviting them to hang out and share in their enthusiasm on rare occasion. Go ahead and check out the full video, and try not to smile. I dare you.

This message to their fans isn’t just to have a bit of fun with Yoko Taro and Robin, though. There’s also an important message at the end of the video that promises “lots more NieR: Automata in 2016.” The game is currently in development by Platinum Games, and is expected to launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in either 2016 or 2017.

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