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Halo 5 Team Cheats Live in Championship Series


Halo 5 Team Cheats Live in Championship Series

Mi Seng the point..

In the Halo Championship Asia qualifier match, Team Mi Seng trolls both their opponents but also the live stream by getting outside of the Coliseum multiplayer map.

As you can see from the video, Mi Seng’s plan was to take the lead from their opponents ROChavefun then leave the multiplayer arena and win the match by waiting from the timer to expire. Leaving the viewers to watch the other team hunt for team Mi Seng’s players to no avail.

All is not lost, and seeing as this is an official Halo 5: Guardians tournament there was a response from ESL Halo, the tournament coordinators:

It didn’t take gamers everywhere to figure out that team Mi Seng is a play on words of “missing” — along with the team member’s names as well:

Ai Chel Ji (HLG – Hidden League Gamers)

Chi Teng (Cheating)

Hai Deng (Hiding)

Also just a guy named bluepants5

If you’re unfamiliar with the Halo World Championship, it’s the biggest Halo tournament to date, and will have teams from all across the world competing in it. This massive tournament will offer a whopping $2,00,000 to the winning team, making it quite the prize for any eSports competitor.

So what do you think of this team trolling? Are you happy they got disqualified? Do you think they were seriously looking to win the entire tournament or knew they would be discovered? Let us know in the comment section below!

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