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Bravely Second’s New Jobs Trailer Includes a Catmancer

Bravely Second, End Layer

Bravely Second’s New Jobs Trailer Includes a Catmancer

Catmancer? Patissier? Astrologian? Time to get a job.

Bravely Second: End Layer was given a North American release date just over a week ago at Nintedo’s RPG Showcase. The game will be arriving in Europe before then though, and Nintendo UK released a new video today showing off some of the new jobs that will be in Bravely Second.

Some of the new jobs featured are,

  • Guardian -Uses sould power to unleash powerful attacks.
  • Exorcist- Reverts HP/MP to a previous turn.
  • Wizard- Adept in spirt magic and spellcraft.
  • Charioteer- Arms proficiency improves in battle.
  • Catmancer- Learns certain monster abilities.
  • Patissier- Undermines foes with deadly desserts.
  • Bishop- Chants spells twice to double their potency.
  • Fencer- Changes stances to improve their attacks.
  • Astrologian- Uses astral magic to boost the party.

Bravely Second arrives in North America on April 15 for the Nintendo 3DS. At some point before launch, a 10-hour demo will be released for the game. Make sure to check out the trailer down below. What’s your favorite new job featured for Bravely Second?



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