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Rock Band 4 Patch Allows Players to Import Rock Band 3 Songs

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Rock Band 4 Patch Allows Players to Import Rock Band 3 Songs

Add 83 more songs to your collection.

Rock Band 4 is meant to be the last Rock Band game you’ll ever need to buy. To make sure of that, Harmonix has launched a tool that allows anyone to import every song from Rock Band 3 into the new game.

The December update is live in North America, and Harmonix have posted details on their website on how to get your Rock Band 3 songs into the new game.

The “Get More Songs” option has a new tab titled Exports. If own a copy of Rock Band 3, Harmonix’s servers should automatically recognize it. This will unlock the option to buy an import pack for Rock Band 4.

This process can only be done through the in-game store, not through the Xbox or PlayStation marketplaces. The export will unlock for European users next week.

How massive is your Rock Band library after adding these 83 songs? Let us know in the comments below.


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