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Just Cause 3: How to Get the Without Bullets Trophy & Achievement


Just Cause 3: How to Get the Without Bullets Trophy & Achievement

No guns for you!

Without Bullets Trophy and Achievement

just cause 3

Like pretty much every game that has released in the past few years, Just Cause 3 has a laundry list of Trophies/Achievements that players can earn while playing through the game. Some are easy to obtain, requiring nothing more than reaching certain points in the story, but others will require you to do a very specific thing in a very specific way. Take the trophy “…Without Bullets!” for instance. This particular achievement requires the player to completely demolish a Military Base without the use of guns, grenades, or planted explosives. It is not exactly the easiest task in the world, especially when you run out of explosive barrels to tether or there are Chaos targets locked behind doors.

One thing that most players probably won’t realize is that not every enemy encampment is considered a base. Under the name of the location it must say Oppressed Base. We tried obtaining the Trophy/Achievement by liberating other locations on the map that utilized the same icon, but it was to no avail. Another thing to note is that you should try not to pull your gun out at all, just in case. I cleared an entire base using nothing but the Tether but I fired a random shot at the ground by mistake and the trophy didn’t pop even though the bullet did not hit any Chaos Targets. So just keep your weapons holstered to be safe. Nothing worse than putting in the work to lose the reward due to a simple mistake.

Now that you have that all settled, it’s time to get this Just Cause 3 Trophy/Achievement.

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