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Watch 1000 Deathclaws vs 100 Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4’s Greatest Battle

Fallout 4

Watch 1000 Deathclaws vs 100 Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4’s Greatest Battle

Let the battle, commence.

It didn’t take too long for fans of Bethesda’s popular post-apocalyptic series to start experimenting with Fallout 4. Within less than a week, we’ve already seen some pretty amazing mods from the community, and now one user has created the greatest battle in wasteland history.

YouTube user Cosmic Contrarian decided to create something that could only occur with really messing with Fallout 4. You may think that you’ve been in some pretty impressive battles during your adventures across the wasteland, but very few will match the scale of this one.

Cosmic Contrarian decided to see what happened when he put one thousand Deathclaws (yes, you read that right) against one hundred Brotherhood of Steel members. When he let battle commence, chaos ensued.

We won’t give away what happens in the video, but what we will tell you is that it’s nine minutes of utter mayhem and complete entertainment. If you’re a fan of seeing completely outrageous battles in Fallout 4, check out Cosmic Contrarian’s playlist of battles in which he pits huge amounts of enemies and characters against one another. Safe to say they provide some great television.

Have you played around with Fallout 4 and its modding capabilities? Or are you playing Fallout 4 in plain ol’ vanilla? Let us know in the comments below.

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