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Price Mistake Makes The Crew: Complete Edition Just $19.99 on Xbox Store

The Crew, Wild Run

Price Mistake Makes The Crew: Complete Edition Just $19.99 on Xbox Store

Someone made a boo boo.

Price mistake or new digital price point? That’s the question we’re currently asking ourselves because right now (as of this writing) you can snag a digital Xbox One copy of The Crew: Complete Edition for $19.99 on the Xbox Store.

The “Complete Edition” includes the base game of The Crew, the Season Pass, which includes the Ferrari 458 Speciale and McLaren 12C vehicles, plus many new car packs that have been released since the game’s launch almost a year ago. It also includes the Wild Run expansion, which reviewers called a great addition to the game that made racing across the scaled-down U.S. map more enjoyable. This pack adds monster trucks, motorcycles, and dragsters to the mix. It also allowed you to create your own races as well!

Seeing as how the Wild Run expansion is still $24.99 by itself, this has to be a mistake. If you’re up to join The Crew, you might want to hop on the deal now before it’s fixed.



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This post was originally written by Danny Endurance.

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