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Mighty No. 9 Gets Mighty Mixed Reactions to Its New Trailer


Mighty No. 9 Gets Mighty Mixed Reactions to Its New Trailer

The newest Mighty No. 9 Trailer is here.

The spiritual successor to Mega Man just got a new trailer, and fans seem to have rather mixed feelings.

The trailer showcases the many game modes that will be available, including a Boss Rush mode, a challenge mode for the more platformer inclined, and Maniac mode, where a single hit sends you back to respawn. The video also hints at the tone of the game, with a voice-over that seems just comic enough to appeal to younger players.

The latest Mega Man title was Rockman Xover, and came out in Japan only in 2012 for iOS. The game was an attempt to celebrate Mega Man’s 25th anniversary, but received such negative feedback from fans that the American version was never released.

Mighty No. 9 seemed to surf on that wave of disappointment, as its 2013 Kickstarter raised over $3 million from over 67,000 supporters and ultimately became one of the most funded video game projects of all time.

The excitement, however, seems to be fading, as a myriad  of negative comments on the YouTube video show mixed fan reactions to the trailer. A quick browse of the comments section will reveal everything from comments on the 3D graphics for a game that was originally going to be hand drawn 2D, to comments on its previous release delays.

Mighty No. 9 is slated for release on February 9, 2016, and you can pre-order it on the game’s website.

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This post was originally authored by Donald Seburn.

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