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Let’s Talk About the Underrepresentation of Turkeys in Video Games


Let’s Talk About the Underrepresentation of Turkeys in Video Games

They’ve been living in chickens’ shadows.

This… is a turkey.

These large birds that go “gobble gobble” have been making American Thanksgivings what they are to this day. They are the center of the dinner table, they are the main course, they have been with us through the dark times and light times. That was a meat joke.

And yet, how do we show our appreciation to these fowls that keep us so well-fed on Nov. 26? How do we, as gamers, give back? By not putting them in video games.

Recently, Twinfinite wrote about the three types of turkeys in games. It was meant to be a full list about every game with a turkey in them. Yet, after hours of extensive research, we could only find a few games that had turkeys in them. That is how we repay the birds that give our kindergartners a cute idea for a painting they can do with their hands.

If our goal was to let turkeys know that they are no chickens, it’s working. We have made ourselves loud and clear. Chickens are a dreaded enemy in Ocarina of Time, they can be raised in Minecraft, and they’re even Chocobos in Final Fantasy. Chickens appear in at least 20 games. Minimum.

Meanwhile, turkeys are the most underrepresented bird in gaming. Is this the world we want our children to grow up in? A world where turkeys don’t receive the attention they deserve for their beautiful butt feathers, hilarious sounds, and delicious meat?

This Thanksgiving, give thanks for turkeys, because video games sure as hell don’t.

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