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The 3 Types of Turkeys You Find in Video Games


The 3 Types of Turkeys You Find in Video Games

Gobble gobble.

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Ah, the turkey. A beautiful animal that exudes style and grace as it soars…ah, who are we kidding? These are some ugly birds, but that shouldn’t be held against them. Turkeys have been there for us (and against us) through the best of times and you need look no further than video games to see this. While all of the other, more fancy birds were busy having movie careers and being great pets, the glorious turkey was traveling through some of our favorite digital worlds.

Of course, they come in several forms. A turkey can’t just exist as is and be just interesting. It needs a bit of help to stand out among all the action and intense narrative that gamers come across during their play time. There are three forms it can come in, and all are just as important as the others. 

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