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Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – How to Get the Loch Shield


Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – How to Get the Loch Shield

Oh, what’s this? A shield in Bloodborne? Yes Dark Souls fans, the Loch Shield is indeed a brand new shield that you can pick up in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. The only catch is, it deflects arcane attacks, but will be next to useless against physical attacks.

To acquire the Loch Shield, teleport to the Research Hall lamp from the Hunter’s Dream. You must have activated the stairs in the Research Hall for the item to be accessible. Head up the stairs, turn right into the room where Adeline is, and take the elevator up. Be careful of the old men in this room, and turn left where you’ll see a church guard standing near the edge of this floor. Take him out with a visceral attack.

Next, you’ll want to jump off the ledge where the church guard just was and land on the stairwell just beneath you. There are quite a few enlarged heads wandering up and down the stairs, so watch out for them. When you’ve landed on the stairwell, head down the steps to a platform where you’ll see an item and a small crawling enemy. Take the enemy out, and pick up the item. And there you have it. The Loch Shield is yours.

An artisanal shield crafted with blue glass.

Originally used to safeguard the leader presiding over a sacred Healing Church ceremony, and later supplied to tomb prospectors, in particular those exploring the labyrinth of Isz.

The blue is fashioned after a lake, and the shield greatly reduces all forms of non-physical damage.

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