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The 5 Best Teams in NHL 16


The 5 Best Teams in NHL 16

What’s a Pekka Rinne?

Chicago Blackhawks

NHL 16

As a St. Louis Blues fan, adding the Blackhawks into this list was incredibly painful, but they definitely earned it. After winning the 2014-2015 Stanley Cup, the Blackhawks made changes to their team but essentially they’re still one the best in the league. The high-scoring combo of both Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, the Blackhawks are hard to shutdown offensively.

Their weakest link is their goalie, Corey Crawford. Even though he’s an excellent goaltender in real life, his NHL 16 counterpart seems to let in easily handled goals. To counter this, make sure you’re playing a physical game with the Blackhawks’ excellent defensemen and making the most of your top lines when on the ice.

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