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Tales from the Borderlands: How to Get All Allies for the Finale


Tales from the Borderlands: How to Get All Allies for the Finale

Choose wisely.

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Near the end of Tales from the Borderlands episode 5, The Vault of the Traveler, the player must pick three teammates to join the fight against the vault guardian. Only select characters will be available to pick from depending on the choices you’ve made throughout the rest of the game. Here’s what you need to do throughout each episode in order to unlock each character as a playable option.

Felix, the Inventor*

Tales from the Borderlands - Felix

Right at the end of episode 1 you must warn Felix about the bomb in the suitcase. If you do not, he will die. If you do, he’ll be around for the finale and give you some additional funds before the end.

August, the Brawler

Tales from the Borderlands - August

Near the beginning of episode 3 Vallory will ask Fiona who is responsible for the Vault Key deal going south. So long as you don’t blame August, he will show his appreciation at the end and be willing to help you out.

Cassius, the Scientist

Tales from the Borderlands - Cassius

During episode 3 Athena attempts to kill Cassius. If you stop her from doing so he will be your ally at the end, willing to assist in the battle against the vault guardian.

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