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Destiny: How to Get The No Time To Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle


Destiny: How to Get The No Time To Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle

No time to explain why I gotta kill you.

Yet another hidden exotic has been unveiled in Destiny: The Taken King. Like the Black Spindle and the Sleeper Simulant, players can unlock hidden objectives that will lead them to No Time to Explain, an exotic pulse rifle that rewards precision shots with free ammunition.

In order to obtain the questline that grants the No Time To Explain, which is granted by the Future War Cult, you will have needed to get the hidden Ghosts in today’s daily heroic mission. Unfortunately, it seems as if you would have needed complete the quest in the past to make the new questline available today. If not, then you will have to wait until the future.

If you have completed Paradox in the past, then you will be assigned a new quest titled Not Forged in Light by Lakshmi-2. Once you obtain it, there will be a series of interesting challenges for you to complete before No Time to Explain is yours.

The steps to obtain Destiny’s No Time to Explain are as follows:

  1. You must be a member of Future War Cult(FWC) to participate in this quest. If you already switched alliances for some reason before looking at the quest details, you will have to wait a week.
  2. You will have to donate Motes of light to FWC (approximately 50 motes of light worth).
  3. You must kill a major or ultra taken Minotaur in order to receive a Simulation Core. This can be the one at the end of the Paradox mission (optional objective), or anywhere else.
  4. Head into your inventory to dismantle the core and turn it into Lakshmi-2.
  5. Head into the Vault of Glass and kill Atheon (can be done on normal) to obtain an eye that he drops.
  6. Head into your inventory to dismantle the Atheon eye and turn it into FWC once again.
  7. You will obtain a new single player mission titled Approach The Twilight Gap. You must find a chest in the Twilight Gap crucible map but you r screen steadily darkens as you move about. You can cleans in the puddles located around the level.
  8. Turn in what you found in the chest to the FWC.
  9. You will obtain yet another mission titled Approach the Black Garden. You will need to kill the Groundskeeper boss. To draw it out just clear out all of the adds in the area until the boss’s Anger reaches 100%. At this point you can damage the boss. As long as the boss is angry you can damage it.
  10. Once you complete Approach the Black Garden you can return to the FWC to receive Destiny’s new shiny exotic, No Time to Explain.

No Time to Explain boasts some seriously good perks, especially the one that returns all precision hits to the magazine (this should make the Deathsingers and Oryx confrontations interesting in the raid). It also follows in full auto while boasting decent stability and rate of fire.

Yet another Destiny secret exotic unearthed. Thanks to Reddit user CrimsonBlade104 for sharing the details with the world.

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