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Metal Gear Solid V Guide: How to Unlock Weapon Customization


Metal Gear Solid V Guide: How to Unlock Weapon Customization

Place your mark on your weapons.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is such a large game that features and content tend to get lost in all of the insanity. Secret missions, hidden outfits, buddies, and more are out there for the taking. One of the features that many don’t even realize is available is weapon customization. It doesn’t become available until much later in the game, and even then, players must complete a series of Side Ops.

In the Angola-Zaire Border Region of the African Map, Side Op 107 “Extract the Legendary Gunsmith” will appear after the completion of Mission 13. If you don’t see it immediately after completing Mission 13, just clear out some Side Ops in the region and it will pop up. Head to the designated location and extract the Legendary Gunsmith and call in your helicopter.

Before heading back to Mother Base, check your Side Ops and you will see a new one, Side Op 108 “Extract the Legendary Gunsmith Again.” It turns out that the last guy you Fultoned out of there was just a measly apprentice, so head back in for the real deal and get back to your helicopter.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you got the wrong guy once more. But luckily, third time is the charm. Upon completion of Side Op 108, you’ll see Side Op 109 “Extract the Legendary Gunsmith Yet Again.” This is the final time that you will have to go in and extract some poor hopeless sap (we promise). After completing this, you will unlock the Customization option under the Mother Base tab on your iDroid.

This is more than just adding some colors to a weapon. You’ll be able to change scopes, muzzles, stocks and more. Yet another way to fine tune your experience in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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