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Fulfill Some Obscure Requirements to Play as Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto V


Fulfill Some Obscure Requirements to Play as Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto V

He’s real!

Since 2004, Bigfoot has become part of the Rockstar Games universe. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas players searched the game for years to find Bigfoot after seeing some evidence that the creature was roaming the forest. Bigfoot appears in a speaking role in Red Dead Redemption, but that game’s story could be considered a fantasy.

It’s possible to meet Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto V’s storybut the latest update to the game has one more secret. By fulfilling several requirements, the player can ingest a golden hallucinogen and become Bigfoot. Get ready to take notes on this one.

In Grand Theft Auto V, there are peyote plants scattered throughout Los Santos that allow the player to briefly transform into random animals. Reddit user rkRusty dug into the PC game’s files after a recent update and found coordinates for a newly added Golden Peyote.

There are a few requirements to fulfill to get the Bigfoot peyote to spawn, including getting 100% completion and manipulating the weather with cheat codes. This video from GTA Series Videos has exact instructions and some Bigfoot gameplay if you don’t have time to do everything required.

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