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Destiny: The Taken King How to – Titan Sunbreaker Subclass Guide


Destiny: The Taken King How to – Titan Sunbreaker Subclass Guide

Can you bring light to where only Darkness survives?

When Destiny first announced that it had plans for a ten year future. many players were skeptical. It was big talk for a new game. While we still can’t say anything about what the next nine years of Destiny will hold, it’s undeniable that the game has remained popular. The game has managed to stay relevant for pretty much the entirety of this past year. And over that year, the game has been constantly transforming through both DLC and patches to become something bigger and better than we could have imagined at the start.

One of the the most talked about and anticipated features of the new Destiny: The Taken King expansion is the addition of new subclasses for all three current classes. Theres the Warlock’s Stormcaller, the Hunter’s Nightstalker, and the Titan’s Sunbreaker. These subclasses that can only be unlocked through special quests, bring a new dynamic to the game that forces old guardians to learn some new tricks.

That being the case, we thought you could use a few tips to get you accommodated with your new skills and abilities. This guide will give you an overview of the Titan’s Sunbreaker so that you can decimate the Darkness with the power of the sun, imbued into a flaming hammer. Whether you plan on playing solo or with a fireteam, we’ll make sure you have all that skills that you need to succeed.

Before long, you’ll be ready to take on Destiny: The Taken King’s upcoming Raid. Let’s begin.

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