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All of the New Destiny: The Taken King Exotic Weapons


All of the New Destiny: The Taken King Exotic Weapons

Hunt in style.

The Taken King Primary Exotics

Tlaloc (Scout Rifle)- Release the storm. Hold nothing back.

  • Grenadier- Kills increase grenade charge rate.
  • Overflow- Better handling, rate of fire, and stability when Super is charged up.
  • Eye of the Storm- As you take damage, the Tlaloc becomes more accurate.

Fabian Strategy (Auto Rifle)- Wait for enemy to make a mistake. Die. Stand by for Ghost Resurrection. Repeat as necessary.

  • Crowd Control- Kills grant bonus damage
  • Front Lines- Weapon receives increased handling, stability, and fire-rate when enemies are close.
  • Life Support- Chance to regenerate health if you get a kill while critically wounded

Monte Carlo (Year Two) (Auto Rifle)- There will always be paths to tread and methods to try. Roll with it.

  • Monte Carlo Method- Damage reduces melee cooldown. Kills have a chance to fully charge melee.
  • Hip Fire- Bonus accuracy when not aiming.

SUROS Regime (Year Two) (Auto Rifle)- Nostalgia as a weapon of war. Style as a hallmark of victory.

  • SUROS Legacy- Bonus damage in bottom half of magazine. Small chance to heal while damaging enemies

Zhalo Supercell (Auto Rifle)- An upcycled torrent of righteous thunder.

  • Zhalo Supercell- Chance to chain lightning when enemies are in close proximity to eachother.
  • Bolts from the Blue- Double Kills return ammo to the clip as well as grant extra Super energy.
  • Persistence- The longer you hold the trigger, the more accurate the weapon becomes.

Hawkmoon (Year Two) (Hand Cannon)- Stalk thy prey and let loose thy talons upon the Darkness.

  • Holding Aces- Two or more bullets in your magazine have a large amount of bonus damage.
  • Luck in the Chamber- One random bullet does a lot more damage.

The First Curse (Hand Cannon)- “… is when death becomes an afterthought.”

  • Dead Eye- Increased range, stability, and movement when aiming.
  • Triple Tap- Rapid precision hits return one bullet to the clip.
  • The First Curse- Precision kills while aiming will improve your range and stability until you reload.

The Last Word (Year Two) (Hand Cannon)- “Yours. Not mine.” – Renegade Hunter Shin Malphur to Dredgen Yor

  • The Last Word- Bonus damage and stability. Do even more precision damage when not aiming.
  • Fan Fire- Fires very quickly.
  • Hip Fire- Bonus accuracy when not aiming down the sights.

Ace of Spades (Hand Cannon)- Don’t play your hand unless you’re sure you have that ace in the hole.

  • Third Eye- Radar stays on while aiming.
  • Maverick- Precision kills load one bullet into the clip (from ammo reserves).
  • Firefly- Precision kills explode enemies.

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