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Until Dawn Guide – How to Find All Totems


Until Dawn Guide – How to Find All Totems

Look into the future.

Until Dawn

As you explore through Until Dawn, you’re able to pick up totems at flashing points throughout an episode that let you know (or in many cases, warn you) of a possible future. There are six types of totems: Death, Guidance, Loss, Danger, and Fortune.


Death Totem #1 – This first totem is impossible to miss as it’s part of the tutorial. As Beth, simply walk forward as you normally would through the snowy episode to pick up this foreboding totem.

Episode 1

Guidance Totem #1 – As Sam making her way to the lodge, you will come across a flashing sign next to a lamp post. Interact with that sign and, as this is still part of the tutorial, she will automatically turn to the totem next to her foot and pick it up.

Until Dawn

Episode 2

Guidance Totem #2 – When you first gain control of Chris, don’t follow Josh. Instead head towards the bottom of the screen where you will see Matt and a totem to your left.

Loss Totem #1 – After getting into the lodge as Chris, walk forward and pick up the flashing totem on the floor.

Danger Totem #1 – As Max making his way to the cabin, right where you can’t go through the gate because you need to turn the generator on, head right to where Jessica is standing. To his left will be a totem on the ground.

Fortune Totem #1 – Making your way through the mine area (still aiming to go to the cabin), you’ll find a flashing totem to your right so long as you keep moving forward.

Loss Totem #2 – Continuing forth as Mike, you’ll reach the end of the small mine area and she’ll head right to continue on. Ignore her for a second and go left to pick up a flashing totem.

Until Dawn

Episode 3

Danger Totem #2 – After you get spooked as Mike by that random ghoul in the car, head to the left of the screen through a passage in the woods. Keep going this way and a flashing totem will be right in front of your eyes.

Guidance Totem #3 – Continuing through with Mike and Jessica, you’ll see a totem at some point on the left after continuing through the episode.

Episode 4

Guidance Totem #4 – As Mike trying to chase down the kidnapped Jessica, go down that first flight of wooden stairs and at the bottom, a totem will be on the ground to the left of the screen.

Death Totem #4 – As Chris going through the snowy woods, make your way to the left when you have a path allowing you to. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you cross paths with a scarecrow skeleton. There will be a totem on the floor past it.

Until Dawn

Episode 5

Fortune Totem #2 – As Mike in the courtyard of the Sanatorium, head to the left of the screen and approach the gates you’ll see before you to pick up a totem.

Loss Totem #4 – When you enter through the window of the Sanatorium with Mike, immediately go down the screen and continue on the path until you reach a dead end and can pick up a totem.

Death Totem #3 – As Mike inside of the Sanatorium (after he gets his jacket), you’ll reach a room with a giant window in front of you, behind stairs that lead down. Don’t take the stairs; go around them. In the corner of the room, you’ll find a flashing totem.

Death Totem #2 – As Matt going through the snow with Emily, there will be a point where you reach a cabin of sorts and Emily will stand next to it, waiting for you to interact with the axe to continue on. Instead of heading towards her, head more right towards the trees to the right of the screen. Keep walking through, past a picnic table, and pick up a totem.

Guidance Totem #5 – After shimmying across the dangerous ledge with Emily, the second you’re back on snow, head more towards the left (don’t follow Emily). There’s a flashing totem right there.

Fortune Totem #3 – For this one, keep following Emily through the woods and you’ll cross paths with the flashing totem. A good measure that you’re going to the right place is that you’ll be able to get this after finding Beth’s phone in a shack.

untildawnbutterfly - Edited

Episode 6

Guidance Totem #6 – When you trigger the emergency lights as Emily with Matt, don’t go up the radio tower just yet. To the left of the big light post is a totem on the ground.

Episode 7

Death Totem #5 – As Emily in the mines, when you get to an area where a fire burst will happen and she’ll question it, head to the right of the screen. Keep going past a flashing ladder and you’ll get to a dead end with a totem on the ground.

Danger Totem #3 – Still as Emily heading down a flight of wooden stairs in the mines, you’ll find a dead end area with barrels and a totem.

Episode 8

Fortune Totem #5 – After Emily gets her trusty flare going and she jumps down in the mines from higher ground, keep moving forward as you normally would and there will be a totem to your right.

Loss Totem #3 – As Chris with the gun, there will come a point where you’ll be around a messed up barn like structure with a hole right through it. Head to the right of the screen here and on the side of said house, there’s a totem.

untildawnbutterfly - Edited

Episode 9

Danger Totem #4 – When you’re in the Sanatorium’s main entrance room as Max, head to the back, left of all the rubble. Open the caged door and go through to find a totem to your left in a room.

Danger Totem #5 – As Ashley in the sewers, pass some barrels on your right and keep going. You’re going to want to take a left even if it seems like there’s no way to (hug the wall). Once you can, there’s a totem right there.

Loss Totem #5 – When Ashley hears the noise and you get the prompt to check it out or catch up to the group, choose to investigate. Continue through and before you make it to the area where the thumping latch is, you can head left to find a totem at that dead end.

Death Totem #6 – When you climb the wall as Sam, head to the right where there are stairs. Keep walking; you’ll know you’re heading the right way because the bridge will collapse behind you at one point. You’ll reach a totem at the end of that.

untildawnbutterfly - Edited

Episode 10

Fortune Totem #5 – As Sam, right before you wade through the water with Mike, hug the right side because a totem is right there before the lake.

Fortune Totem #6 – As Josh, don’t follow Mike to the right and head left to a dead end that has a totem.

Loss Totem #6 – As Matt traversing the mines (after being able to meet up with Jessica), keep walking as you would and eventually you can head down the screen to reach a totem found on tracks.

Danger Totem #6 – As Sam, walk through the path on the right in the woods after climbing up and being able to control her. Follow through and there are two paths you can take; choose the right one. You’ll reach a totem to your right.

Congratulations! You picked up all the totems, but have you managed to change your fate?

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