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Three New Heroes Are Coming to Heroes of the Storm


Three New Heroes Are Coming to Heroes of the Storm

Also Blizzard released a new trailer for the monk too.

Earlier today on, Blizzard announced that three more heroes are coming to Heroes of the Storm as well as a new Diablo-themed battleground. There will be a Hero from each of Blizzards three universes and they are Kharazim from Diablo 3, Rexxar from World of Warcraft, and Artanis from the Starcraft universe.

Starting with Kharazim, he is the first support character from the Diablo universe and was first revealed alongside Leoric at E3. Kharazim is unique because at the start of each match players will have to choose between three traits that change how Kharazim fights. Iron Fist gives him bonus attack damage, Insight recovers mana, and Transcendence heals him whenever he deals melee damage. Kharazim’s trailer also revealed that his abilities will allow him to rush to locations, heal his companions and deal damage.

The beastmaster Rexxar will serve as a unique ranged fighter because along with his bow, he will also be capable of summoning is loyal bear, Misha. Misha will be tied to Rexxar’s strategies as it will be able to harass enemies, take hits for Rexxar, and even stun Heroes with its targeted charge ability. Finally, Blizzard also revealed that Artanis will be the first Warrior type Hero for the Starcraft universe though they didn’t reveal anything about what Artanis will be capable of yet.

Blizzard also announced that they will be releasing a new three-lane battleground based on the Diablo universe called Infernal Shrine. Its unique feature is three shrines that teams will be able to activate. Activating and killing the shrine’s guardians will summon a Punisher which will fight for the team and they will hunt down enemy heroes and begin pushing the lane nearest to their shrine.

So what’s your opinion on Heroes of the Storm’s three newest heroes and the new battleground? Let us know in the comments below.

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