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Fallout 4 Gamescom Footage Leaked… on Pornhub


Fallout 4 Gamescom Footage Leaked… on Pornhub

Pornhub: satisfying all of your Fallout 4 needs since 2015.

Just when you thought that Fallout 4 hype couldn’t get any higher, Pornhub once again proves that it is the last bastion of hope for all things Fallout. Last week, hype was spilling out of known gaming forums and into the world of Pornhub comments sections. This week things have managed to get a bit weirder.

Fallout 4 footage has been hard to come by, despite the looming release date. A behind-closed-doors presentation at Gamescom 2015 showed off some exclusive gameplay, and leaked videos of the showing have been surfacing all over the web. Most of these leaks have been taken down fairly quickly, and so one use turned to Pornhub to share their forbidden footage.

Inconspicuously titled “HIDDEN CAMERA SHOWS AUDIENCE TEASED BY BIG BUTT MAN IN TIGHTS LIVE,” the video treats unsuspecting purveyors to poorly captured gameplay of the protagonist going about life in the wasteland.

As of now, the video boast over 30,000 views. While the first few individuals who stumbled across the video may not have found what they were looking for, the Fallout fans have been flocking in to catch a peek.

Source: Kotaku

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