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Azure Striker Gunvolt Zaps onto Steam with a Free Game Attached


Azure Striker Gunvolt Zaps onto Steam with a Free Game Attached

Strike the “Add to Cart” button for a shocking deal.

If Mighty No. 9 is the successor to classic Mega Man, Azure Striker Gunvolt is the successor to Mega Man Zero. Inti Creates is bringing their 3DS platformer to Steam on Aug. 28 for $14.99. To make that deal even better, early purchasers will get the spin-off game Mighty Gunvolt for free.

Azure Striker Gunvolt was the first self-published Inti Creates title and sold over 90,000 copies on 3DS. The Steam release is not a simple port, and it will include several features not found in the 3DS game. Inti Creates detailed a few of these features in their latest blog post.

  • All-new SPEEDRUN MODE exclusive to the Steam version highlights Gunvolt’s replayability, challenging and helping players truly master the depths of its gameplay and level design!
  • All-new JAPANESE VOICE MODE exclusive to the Steam version allows you to play the original Japanese version of the game complete with Japanese voiceovers and mid-stage dialogue with English subtitles!
  • Choose between several different templates for displaying Gunvolt’s two game windows (previously shown on the Nintendo 3DS system’s dual screens); these can be cycled between using the F5 key.

Gal Gunvolt, the Japanese-exclusive PlayStation 4/Vita port of Mighty Gunvolt isn’t mentioned, but the post does hint that there are more unannounced features to come.

Inti Creates are currently working on Mighty No. 9 which was recently delayed into 2016. This team has worked on several Mega Man games in the past, so don’t ignore these two games if you’re looking for some challenging platformers.

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