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More New Fallout 4 Details Revealed During QuakeCon 2015


More New Fallout 4 Details Revealed During QuakeCon 2015

Seriously, fingers crossed for robot sex.

During Bethesda‘s exclusive Fallout 4 presentation at this year’s QuakeCon 2015, more details about the post-apocalyptic title have surfaced.

Bethesda revealed that the Dog Meat companion in the game can be found relatively soon after leaving Vault 111, and there will be 12 total companions who you can choose to bring with you on your adventures through the destroyed city of Boston. You can also have previously shown character, Preston Garvey, of the Commonwealth Minutemen join you. The newly revealed character known as Piper, who can be found by Diamond City, also known as Fenway Park, and even the robotic assistant, Mr. Handy.

Players will even be able to romance with their companions regardless of gender, which hopefully means Fallout 4 will have robot sex. (Fingers crossed) However, if you choose to play without a companion, you can earn perks this way.

The game will have 70 total perks, each perk with a set of ranks to unlock while you level your character, there are 275 total different choices of perks.

Bethesda also discussed more about player names, while the game is programmed to actually say 1,000’s of common names, the developer even accounted for humor, as you can name your character “fuckface,” and the game will say it.

Fallout 4 launches this Nov. 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Bethesda also announced Fallout Shelter‘s Android release date, as well as the Fallout Anthology.


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