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The Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Games of All Time


The Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Games of All Time

The N64 can now legally drink in Canada!

Super Mario 64

N64_Super Mario 64

June 23, 1996 was a momentous occasion for Nintendo games and various children around the world. Yes, on this very day nineteen years ago we welcomed both the Nintendo 64 home gaming console and its flagship title, Super Mario 64, into our homes for the first time. Now, it’s not often that launch titles get everything right, as the developers are generally still working out how best to utilize the new technology. The first string of games is usually mediocre at best. This was definitely not the case with Super Mario 64. Mario’s first three-dimensional adventure successfully made the jump from his side-scrolling days of yore, giving players more than a dozen unique stages and over 100 challenges to complete, all while utilizing some of the best power-ups our Italian hero has seen to this day.

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