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Steam Summer Sale Day 1 Flash Sale: Best Deals and Top Picks


Steam Summer Sale Day 1 Flash Sale: Best Deals and Top Picks

Steam could really use a 1-click purchase button…

The Steam Summer Sale is under way, and the deals are going hot and fast, left and right. Daily deals tend to be most forgiving when it comes to time limits. Each Daily Deal provides a full 24 hours initially to grab up amazing deals, with an additional 24 hours as a safety measure – just in case you missed out on the first 24 hours.

However, Flash Sales are without such mercy. New deals update every 12 hours with the same incredible amount of savings and discounts. However, you must be very careful in keeping track of which deals are Daily Deals and which ones are Flash Sales. Once the Flash Sale countdown timer runs out, a new cycle of games will take its place. Thus, make sure you check at least once every 12 hours for changes and updates.

Today’s Flash Sales contain some fantastic heavy hitters. To help out with your purchases, we have selected three titles to seriously consider. First off, you can get a whopping 80% discount on one of the scariest games to have come out in recent years – the first-person, survival horror game Outlast. In this game, you are armed with nothing but your wits, a camera with night vision, and whatever luck you can scrape out of the bottom of the bucket to escape the countless horrors that dwell within a mysterious insane asylum. Get ready for countless nightmares all for the extremely affordable price of $3.99.


Next, we have the recently released Black Mesa – the completely re-created and re-imagined original Haif-Life using Valve’s source engine. It has all of the classic visuals, features, and memories you know so well and love, but updated and re-hauled to give it that new game smell. Already garnering rave reviews, you can purchase the early access version of this game for $14.99, at 25% off.

Finally, the last major title you can grab for an astounding $4.39 is the well received and beautiful first person parkour game – Mirror’s Edge. If you have not played it before, now would be a perfect time to grab it especially with the recent announcement of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and the reveal of its box art & affiliated comic.

Honorable mentions for other titles to acquire at extremely low prices include three indie games. First, there is the quirky but highly immersive Papers, Please – a puzzle game where you play an immigration office within a dystopian state. Your country is depending on your detective skills & discretion to protect the motherland from all sorts of undesirables and threats. This fantastic gave is available for purchase for a miniscule $2.99 – a 70% discount!

Another highly discounted indie game to consider is the tongue-in-cheek and macabre Visceral Cleeanup Detail. If you thought working under the iron fist of a dystopian government’s bureacratic leviathan to be daunting, just wait until you hear your fretful job description here:

In Viscera Cleanup Detail, you step into the boots of a space-station janitor tasked with cleaning up after various horrific sci-fi horror events. Instead of machineguns and plasma-rifles, your tools are a mop and bucket. That hero left a mess, and it’s up to you to deal with the aftermath.


It’s a thankless job – but someone has to do it, right? Now you can do it too for the low price of $6.69 for the single pack, or $20.09 for the four pack – altogether, a 33% off discount.

The Flash Sale has even more to offer such as 40-80% discounts on classic franchises such as Darksiders, Oddworld,, and Might & Magic. For a complete list, check out this round-up article of the Day 1 Flash Sales.

Time is of the essence – act quickly before the next Flash Sale begins!

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