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Toren Releases for PS4 Next Week


Toren Releases for PS4 Next Week

Get ready to climb your way to the top of that tower. And life.

The PS4 is quickly becoming the place for indie PC games to get released to a console market. Do you have in interest in Broken Age and want to see what the fuss is about, but don’t have a PC that can run it? Good news, it’s on PS4. Aaru’s Awakening and Tower of Guns? Boom, PS4. The newest one to hit will be Toren, an adventure game from Brazilian developer Swordtales. In Toren, you play as Moonchild, destined to climb the titular tower Toren in order to find your purpose. Today on the PlayStation Blog, Community Director Lance James went into some detail about transferring Toren to the PS4.

Primary inspiration for Toren was the classic PS2 title Ico. Like that game, Toren is a silent world to explore, infusing the game with a look and feel that draws on traditional artwork and Brazilian mythology. You start the game as a small child, but you age as you progress. You’ll learn new powers and abilities that’ll help you interact with the world and get you closer to reaching the top of Toren.

Toren will hit the PlayStation Store next Tuesday, the 12th. PlayStation Plus users get a special 10% discount off the price for the first week of launch, but exactly what the price of the game is hasn’t been revealed yet.

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