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Destiny House of Wolves Guide: How to Farm Queen's Wrath for Treasure Keys


Destiny House of Wolves Guide: How to Farm Queen's Wrath for Treasure Keys

Time to farm.

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Destiny is giving guardians the chance to acquire some House of Wolves loot prior to the launch of the upcoming DLC. It’s being done through a Queen’s Wrath event, just like the one that occurred closer to launch except with a slightly different way of rewarding players. This time around, players will hunt down powerful targets of the Fallen’s House of Wolves and take them down with extreme prejudice.

After defeating one of these opponents, players will be granted one Ether Key which is used to open a random chest that appears and lasts for 90 seconds. The Fallen Treasure Chest will always be somewhere within the area where you dealt with your target, although it is not always easy to find. If you do manage to open it, there are engrams, materials, ammo syntheses, and a potential Treasure Key inside. If you are able to find the chest, there is a way to double-dip, and gain rewards from the same chest once more. This will require a bit of finesse, and is easiest when done with the two Venus targets. This is also easier when playing with at least one friend since communication can expedite the process.

Follow these easy steps and you should be rolling in gear, materials, and keys just in time for the launch of House of Wolves.

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