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Bloodborne: How to Complete the Alfred NPC Quest Line


Bloodborne: How to Complete the Alfred NPC Quest Line

We shall assist you in your hunt.

Bloodborne has its fair share of NPCs scattered throughout the city of Yharnam and all of the nightmarish areas that surround its streets. Some requiring saving, and others are there for the sole purpose of providing story tidbits as you progress. But, there are those in Bloodborne that serve a greater purpose. A purpose that will have a hunter uncovering secrets, defeating certain nemeses in order to get to the bottom of some side story. One such NPC is Alfred, and he has an interesting mission for you although he never quite tells you what until you’ve done some digging.

Alfred is first encountered in the church that leads down to Old Yharnam. When going to activate the switch that grants you access to the aforementioned area, go past it and continue through the next doorway and you will find a man praying. This is Alfred, Protege  of Master Logarius, and Hunter of Vilebloods. He is a holy man, dedicated to doing holy things, all for the sake of holiness. Once you speak to him he will be quite delighted to make your acquaintance, for he too was once a hunter. He will ask if you’re willing to cooperate and share information, you should most definitely choose yes which opens a few conversation items, but not much else.

Alfred is an odd fellow, full of information, and loyal to his master who has long since disappeared.  After becoming friends with Alfred you can even summon him to assist you during the Blood-Starved Beast boss fight, where he makes an excellent distraction for you to take down the venomous foe. And for many, that is believed to be the end of your friendship. But, it turns out that Alfred has much more in store for you.

Continue through the game and unlock access to the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. This is one of the more difficult areas of Bloodborne, but it is necessary that you complete the challenges here if you want to truly complete Alfred’s quest line. Make your way up to the top of the castle and you will face Martyr Logarius, the very master who Alfred had sworn an oath to. Martyr Logarius happens to be one of the most difficult boss encounters in Bloodborne, luckily we’ve got you covered with a handy guide in order to get past this great hunter. Upon victory you will receive the Crown of Illusions, and are now one step closer to completing Alfred’s quest.

Place that glorious crown upon your hunter’s head and you will be treated to a pretty neat cutscene showing what truly existed, which happens to be a throne room housing Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods. If you talk to her she’ll offer you entry to her covenant, something you should accept since it makes the Cainhurst Armor set and the Chikage weapon available for purchase back at the Hunter’s Dream. Whatever you decide to choose, make sure you search the room and pick up the Unopened Summons.

Find Alfred, who is now located on the staircase leading to that door that previously required a secret password. Present him the Cainhurst Summons item and he will give you the Wheel Hunter Badge, as well as the Church Bow (Male) before heading off to face his enemy. If you travel back to Annalise’s location you will come to find Alfred, fully decked out in his hunter gear, standing over her shredded remains while he basks in his victory. If you approach him in conversation he will give you the Roar gesture.

Now head back to where you first ever met him where you will find his body along with the Radiance Caryll rune (which increases the healing of Blood Vials). It would seem as if after finally completing his life’s quest he decided to end his life. Perhaps it was to rejoin Martyr Logarius who has passed on (by your hand). It was a long one, but Alfred’s quest is now complete, and his sworn enemy was put to rest…for now.

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