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Mix Super Mario Galaxy with Unreal Engine 4 and This Happens


Mix Super Mario Galaxy with Unreal Engine 4 and This Happens

Unreal Engine 4 looks to be a primary platform for developers both old and new, with the power to create almost anything from nothing. But do you know the most exciting thing we’ve seen made in it so far is some new space combat game or super realistic facial textures. No no, it’s this mash up of Unreal Engine 4 and Nintendo Wii classic Super Mario Galaxy.

Using assets along with other such bits and bobs taken from Super Mario Galaxy’s source code, YouTube user CryZENx has put the world of Nintendo’s happy little mustachioed plumber into the new engine of Epic Games’ creation. This isn’t them trying to reinvent the wheel or necessarily remake the game using Unreal Engine 4. It’s simply just a little fun that has shown off some fairly special results.

While the models – Bowser in particular –  look positively wonderful, there’s something lacking in the game world. This is most likely because the game was developed using Nintendo’s own engine rather than something like UE4 but in all fairness, we’d still play it.

Maybe turn down the amount of light blooms though because we’re sick of having to wear sunglasses while staring at the screen.

What do you think to what CryZENx has done with the assets of Super Mario Galaxy? Let us know in those comments below.

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