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Play Shovel Knight as the Bad Guy with Plague of Shadows


Play Shovel Knight as the Bad Guy with Plague of Shadows

Shovel in the new stuff.

Cast your mind back many moons ago, well okay to April 2013. One of the biggest events in gaming at that time was the funding of Shovel Knight. Almost 15,000 backers helped power Yacht Club Games’ love letter to a bygone era of gaming to achieve just over 415% of its original goal. This huge outlay of cash coming into their pockets gave Yacht Club Games the opportunity to add more to Shovel Knight at a later date.

Now, it seems, that later date is coming a little sooner than you might think. At least for one free update.

Plague of Shadows expands upon Shovel Knight by putting you into the armored shoes of Plague Knight. This masked little chap doesn’t have any desire to work as a evil-doer any more, so he sides with the goodies to take on the Order of No Quarter. He doesn’t do this just out of the kindness of his own heart however. Plague Knight is on a quest to gather the ingredients for the ultimate potion. He will do so through Shovel Knight using bomb jumps and alchemy to take out enemies.

Shovel Knight‘s Plague of Shadows update will also bring new areas and paths, alongside some brand new bosses to be taken down. Even crafting is going to come with the Alchemy system. This will allow players to gather loot and turn it into items like power-ups or equipment to deal with foes. Hell even a collection of new enemies is going to find its way into Shovel Knight with the update.

There’s no date for when Plague of Shadows will see the light of day, nor a trailer. All that we do know is that Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows will be available to try at PAX East.

Will you go back to Shovel Knight with this update? Let us know in the comments.

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