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Homefront: The Revolution Gets a New Studio, 2016 Release


Homefront: The Revolution Gets a New Studio, 2016 Release

Homefront: The Revolution takes place four years after the original Homefront, with the United States having been taken over by the Greater American Republic. As Ethan Brady, you’ll be leading a rebellion to take back the city of Philadelphia, the central hub for GKR operations. Like the game, development on the game has had trouble with authority.

It was first acquired by Crytek when the publisher went under back in 2012, with Deep Silver set to publish. But Crytek hadn’t been treating its UK studio well to the point where several developers straight up left and last year, the Homefront IP landed fully in the hands of Deep Silver. Those who left Crytek UK have formed Dambuster Studios to work on Homefront, lead by Hasit Zala. Fans of the Timesplitters franchise may remember that name, as he was a senior programmer for the original, along with the team lead for its sequels. If this game is anything close to fun as the Timesplitters games were, Dambuster is in good hands.

This new studio comes with a downside. Homefront: The Revolution has been pushed back to 2016. It’s sad, but not entirely unexpected. Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to televise the revolution. In the meantime, you’ll just have to look at the little bit of gameplay we saw last year

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