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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Sice


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Sice

Another one of my favorite characters to use, Sice represents the number 6 in Class Zero. According to her online description, Sice can be “a bit blunt and mean at times, but holds a clear idea of what good and evil means to her.” Yeah I’m pretty sure “a bit blunt and mean” is an understatement. But still, Sice is another interesting character to play as and while her controls may take some getting used to, she’s very much capable of dealing good damage to her foes.

Sice wields a scythe and the unique thing about her is that she absorbs the malice of her foes and uses it to buff her attacks. This means that the higher your combo, the more damage she’ll deal. However, if an enemy lands a hit on Sice, you’ll lose your combo and your damage goes back to its default value. As one of the fastest cadets on the roster alongside Eight and Cater, dodging and evasive maneuvers are key to using Sice effectively. When you start out with her, make sure to grab the Slipstream and Untouchable abilities.

During her early levels, a couple of abilities that’ll get you through missions are Dark Nebula and Death Maelstrom. With Dark Nebula, Sice can use her absorbed malice to attack in a straight line. The range for this attack isn’t very good but you’ll be able to upgrade it to add a Stop effect to the ability. Death Maelstrom is far more effective; Sice generates a cyclone that follows locked-on targets and deals damage to them. For maximum effectiveness, upgrade the duration of the ability as well as its power. Sice doesn’t have a lot of HP so this attack will come in handy when you want to attack from a distance.

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