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Bloodborne: How to Get to Cainhurst

how to get to cainhurst

Bloodborne: How to Get to Cainhurst

Bloodborne is no stranger to secrets, and hidden locations. After all, this is a From Software video game. The city of Yharnam and its surrounding areas are pieces of a huge labyrinth complete with winding roads, and locales that one must search closely for. Some of these locations are so well hidden that you’re provided a trophy just for managing to get into them. Cainhurst is one such location, and it takes a bit of work to get to. In this guide we’ll teach you how to get to Cainhurst in Bloodborne.

How to Get to Cainhurst in Bloodborne

First things first, you must find an item called Cainhurst Summons. It is found in Iosefka’s clinic, and can only be accessed by taking a rather long route in order to get in from a back window. Head to the Forbidden Woods, go over the bridge and follow the stone trail. Defeat anyone who gets in your way if you like, or just run past them.

When the path splits you’ll want to keep to your left. Eventually you’ll come across a gate to a rundown village, to the left of that gate is a wooden house with a red light. If you go around this house (beware of the dogs) you’ll find the entrance to a cave.

how to get to cainhurst Bloodborne

Be warned, this cave isn’t like any other cave. The waters are toxic so if you stand in them too long you will surely perish. Also, there is a new variety of giant found down here. These guys punch the ground which summons a bunch of poisonous worms that take much more than one hit to kill. So be alert. You can easily run by all of the giants if need be and head straight for the long ladder in the back.

It’s a long climb, but you’re completely safe so just enjoy staring at your hunters derrière for a bit, or you can just rotate the camera if you’d like. You will find yourself behind that locked gate that you probably wondered about when you first started Bloodborne.

Feel free to unlock it for a shortcut, but also be wary because one of those throat-slitting witches is in the area. After taking care of her search for a ladder to the roof. Up here you will find some more of those raven like enemies that are easy to kill and an open window.

You’re going to want to enter that open window. Welcome to the locked portion of Iosefka’s clinic. Check each room and you’ll find an item that is a letter addressed to you. That letter is the Cainhurst Summons.


When you examine the item you’ll see that it informs you of a carriage departing from Hemwick’s Crossing, but where exactly is that? It’s actually quite simple to find. Head to the Witch’s Abode travel point and exit the room (this travel point appears after defeating the Witch of Hemwick).

There will be two of those executioner style enemies outside so carefully take them out. Now look around and you’ll notice a large obelisk jutting out of the ground. All you need to do is approach it and a cutscene will play.


After the cinematic ends, enter the horse-drawn carriage that will whisk you away to Cainhurst. After a brief (ha!) loading screen you will now be at a brand new location and should see your trophy pop in the corner. Covered in snow and ice, the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle is a beautiful sight to behold.

But, as in all things Bloodborne, don’t let the beauty fool you; this location houses some of the most deadly beasts in the game. You may want to level up a bit before uncovering whatever secrets the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle may hold.


That’s all you need to know for how to get to Cainhurst in Bloodborne. For more guides, tips, tricks and information be sure to check out our Bloodborne wiki.

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