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Stunningly Beautiful Minimalist Video Game Art That Will Shock You


Stunningly Beautiful Minimalist Video Game Art That Will Shock You

It’s just so beautiful.

Video game art on the internet is not hard to find. In the age of Tumblr and Reddit, most of the internet’s art cartography has been accurately mapped, and finding a simple picture is as easy as a simple reblog or google search for art. But when you come upon something as beautiful and unique as the art by SilenceCorp, you have to simple sit back in your chair and gasp in awe. The pure beauty that SilenceCorp’s art talent is able to encapsulate in their minimalist poster-styled video game artwork is rewarding in a way that can hardly be described without doing it injustice.

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If you want to check out more of SilenceCorp’s artwork, you should check out their Behance page or their Facebook page. If you absolutely need some of this art for yourself, head over to SilenceCorp’s Society6’s page where they sell lots of their artwork in print form. They don’t yet have the video game related content for sale, but sending them an email would only make them smile and give them more of a reason to throw your money at them.

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