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New Rockstar Verified Jobs Coming to GTA Online


New Rockstar Verified Jobs Coming to GTA Online

They’re coming to get you, Barbara..


Prepare for mayhem

In an attempt keep the GTA Online fans at bay while they wait for Rockstar to release the heists, the latest batch of Rockstar verified jobs have been released to the masses. These user created jobs have Rockstars nod of approval, and for good reason – they’re great!

The ten new jobs mark the first creative use of the Last Team Standing mode. So if you’re a big fan of the gametype, rejoice! For your prayers have been answered. The new Last Team Standing variants promise to turn Los Santos and Blaine County into war zones.

Other new verified jobs include a new Capture the Bag variants, and brace yourself for this one: Contend: Zombie Town. In this new gametype, the moonlit farmland of Grapeseed is warped into something resembling George A. Romero’s fantasy. Abandoned military vehicles dot the deserted landscape as you enter the sullen town. Childhood terrors will become reality because the circus is in town, and might very well the source of the infection. Zombie clowns wield knives rove the streets, attacking and slaughtering the enemy team.


They’re coming to get you, Barbara!

Despite Rockstar’s rocky relationship with fans regarding the upcoming heists update, Rockstar does its best to give credit where credit’s due. All verified jobs are remained faithfully intact, though Rockstar does admit that it does occasionally change Job name due to taste, copyright, or other reasons. They do also may minor tweaks to the maps as well, should they deem them necessary.

The upcoming heists update will be free and rumored to arrive later in February.

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