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Dragon Ball XenoVerse Guide: How to Make It as a Beginner


Dragon Ball XenoVerse Guide: How to Make It as a Beginner

Dragon! Dragon! Fight the Dragon!

Create A Character That Suits You

Dragon Ball XenoVerse has you create your very own fighter to bring into the Dragon Ball universe. You have the option to choose between five of the major races; Earthling, Namekian, Frieza Clan, Majin, and of course Saiyan. While they all are clearly very different visually, they each also have specific stat advantages and disadvantages that you may want to consider. Even choosing between genders within a race

For example; fighters of the Majin race have the highest defense in the game but they also have the slowest stamina regeneration. If the stamina meter is full your defense increases. But, choosing a male gives you extra health while reducing your overall speed while the females move much quicker at the cost of a decreased health bar. This makes the Majin race the best for those looking to get up close and personal in Dragon Ball XenoVerse.

Transformations are also something to consider. If you’re a fan of substantially increasing your power while also donning fashionably golden locks that require copious amounts of hair-gel, then the Saiyan race is for you.

All races have a few things to consider ranging from abilities to stats, but it all comes down to your preference. Fighting games tend to be a bit difficult if you use someone well outside your comfort zone. If strength is more your thing than speed is skip the Frieza Clan and go for the Saiyans. Perhaps you plan on relying heavily on items? Namekians will fulfill your needs. It’s much better to take a bit of extra time in the beginning to create the right character for you in Dragon Ball XenoVerse. This will help manage earlier battles since you’ll have very few combat skills to rely on so take your time.

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