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28 Times Besiege Proved It Needed to Be on Your Radar


28 Times Besiege Proved It Needed to Be on Your Radar

Sometimes destruction needs to be as flashy as possible.

Besiege is the newest Early Access game on the block and it is doing surprisingly well. The game’s premise is all about designing medieval weapons of mass destruction and then letting them lose on townsfolk and their live stock. Interested? Well, here is a sample of some creations you wondrous gamers have made!

Sometimes one bomb is just not enough, Sometimes you need an 8 X 8 grid of them.

Build your own tank? There’s a machine for that.

Simplicity is the best kind of efficiency.

Critical malfunctions in weapons of mass destruction may also end up causing mass destruction.

Yes, that is a penis, BUT the ingenuity to make the testicles into counter weights so the shaft remained true to its mark is erecting my belief that this man is a phallic master.

This has to be the ultimate show of dominance.

Efficient? No. Fun? Hell yeah.

We have confirmed that the Empire, from Star Wars, and North Korea are currently in a bidding war for this design.

To fuck up so badly that you succeed by sheer dumb luck is perhaps the most impressive way to win.

Now you know why construction takes so long in the city. This, and super heroes.


More dicks? I think we have a problem as a community.

Unique doesn’t always mean helpful, but in this case, it means awesome.

It is an incredible feat to make any of these creations but this one alone is insurmountably brilliant.

Now we know what would have happened had Anakin Skywalker carried on his career as a pod racer.

Sending a message by flipping someone off then firing a cannon out of your wrist? Where do we sign up for robotic augmentation.

Overkill is the term used to describe when you have killed something so thoroughly that its descendants all consequently died of heart attacks as well.

One of the only ways of ensuring you don’t miss.

The calibrations and logistics alone are astounding.

It’s a pistol. It’s cool, maybe not practical, but cool.

Spiders with flame throwers? NOPE.

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