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What If Playing a MOBA Were like a Horror Movie?

Gaming Happens

What If Playing a MOBA Were like a Horror Movie?

The call is coming from inside the PC.

It’s really hard to understand the mass appeal of MOBAs until you find one you really like. Woah, that sounds like a cheesy toast for a wedding. MOBAs are like people. Today’s latest Gaming Happens is brought to you by a sick and twisted mind that’s been spending way too much time playing Smite. A very interesting transformation occurs when someone plays a MOBA; they can suddenly drop their nice demeanor in favor of a troll’s. Every single person, seriously, check it out next time you’re on one with some of your friends.

Anyway, hope you like the video and have a wonderful weekend. Let’s all just be glad that it’s only Smite that I’m obsessed with and not any of the other, wonderful, delightful, so appealing MOBAs available…

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