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The Crew Guide: How to Get the East Coast Hidden Car


The Crew Guide: How to Get the East Coast Hidden Car

Got The Crew? Want a Dirt-spec Hotrod? Then look no further.

the crew

The Crew already has an impressive array of vehicles, with close to 40 being available from dealers alone for money. There are, however, some bonus cars lying around that you can collect. These are called Hidden Cars and each region has one – that’s five cars in all. You’ll have to do a little exploration to find them but they are all manufacturer free and created by the developers themselves. Finding these vehicles can be a little tricky. That is until now, as Twinfinite offers a selection of guides to find all of the parts for each Hidden Car in The Crew.

The Crew

In The Crew‘s East Coast, you can collect all of the parts for the vehicle pictured above, the Hotrod HuP One Dirt-spec. This vehicle has a high selection of base stats and can be upgraded using parts you find along the way. Most importantly, though, the exhausts are on the side so your sweet blue nitrous flames spit out of there rather than the back end. It wouldn’t be surprising to see cars like this rolling across the plains in a Mad Max film.

Below you’ll find a map showing each of the scrap part locations (click it to make it bigger). Also beneath this image are a selection of links to pages, each one detailing the location of the numbered parts. Right, enough chit chat, let’s go get you to all of those wrecks and into a sweet-ass ride for The Crew.

The Crew

Note: Keep the image above open in a separate window to make it an easier point of reference.

Wrecks 1-4

Wrecks 5-8

Wrecks 9-12

Wrecks 13-16

Wrecks 17-20

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