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Elite: Dangerous Guide – 5 Tips on How to Get Started


Elite: Dangerous Guide – 5 Tips on How to Get Started

Prepare to be (Bulletin) Boarded

When starting out and likely for your foreseeable future, Bulletin Boards will be your life. Elite: Dangerous‘ version of a quest giver, you’ll always find these Bulletin Boards in a port. They’re not always going to have something worthwhile when visit smaller stations however. Take a trip to the larger hubs that look like the sort of dice you’d throw in a tabletop RPG or the strange vibrating things sold behind black curtains and you’ll find tasks which are more likely to fit.

They come in all sorts of flavors. Anything from taking political data between stations to ferrying bio-waste (read as: space poop) and even blowing up craft to steal their black boxes can be embarked upon along with many more. Sometimes you’re going to want to go off bounty hunting on your own or engaging in some light commodity speculation, granted. Until you get to that point though, the Bulletin Board is your home.

Even as you progress further into Elite: Dangerous, the Bulletin Board is an important place to keep checking in on. Some of the rewards offered for almost no effort are pretty damn good. You can find your way to new bounty hunting grounds or pick up an amazing trade route just by investigating this board.

Like the look of that Federal Dropship or Imperial Cutter? Then you’ve got no choice but to do Bulletin Board missions in order to boost your reputation with that faction. The better your reputation is with each station the more missions available to you. There’s so much money in these, especially early one, that you can’t pass up the opportunity to get plenty of cash flowing through your coffers.

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